Review: Sam: The Cat Without A Tail

Sam: The Cat Without A Tail Sam: The Cat Without A Tail by Gloria Lintermans
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wonderful illustrations, quite colorful and attention keeping!

The story moves quickly and with the interactions among the cats, it lightly delves into the realm of self-esteem and how others can make one feel unwanted because of differences. The story also touches on how differences makes you unique and suited for different achievements.

Really good story for discussing these complicated issues with young ones. I can't wait to read it to my grandchildren.

I also like how Gloria subtly points out using our skills to do for others helps put self-esteem in the proper perspective.

I read the eBook version and it works very well as an eBook read.

The author gave me this book, and my voluntary review is above.

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